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Abuse of code reformatting [May. 16th, 2011|01:36 pm]
Subject: Lovecraftian horrors: reformatting code
Importance: High

Please don’t reformat code at your whim in some of the larger files. <example_file.java> in <crappy_application> being the file that has caused me to lose SAN points today. It makes it so so so so so so much harder to figure out what has changed.

It’s a 3500 line file that has something like a dozen large changes from each branch. I don’t even know *who* didn’t. Just don’t. Please.

From: Dev Lead
To: Offends + me
Subject: RE: Lovecraftian horrors: reformatting code

I think the solution is to get <crappy_application> down to just one filter class of 250,000 lines of code.

Subject: RE: Lovecraftian horrors: reformatting code
To: All + Dev Lead
Subject: Shub-niggurath and the it's thousand unholy young

I like the solution of auto-formatting your code as part of the commit process. I’m sure that would be popular.

No. Better. I’ll just randomly fail with mysterious error messages on commit until your code formatting is perfect.