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Spite Driven programming [May. 9th, 2011|10:59 am]
Inspired by JWZ's Hatefuck hacking article, I wrote this blurb up.

I've generated a lot of software out of spite in the last year or two.

Continuous Integration Server – "No, fuck you! You broke the build!"

Staging repository / web-app – "Jesus christ! That shell script only has two parameters. How do you put your pants on in the morning?"

pre-commit checks – "Fuck me. You can't even do svn switch right, what is your major malfuction? And I fucking dare you to put 'initial import' again (for the 72nd time)."

Source control quick search webapp – "God damn it! If you tell me it's a merge problem one more time without at least looking at the code change first, I'm going to go over there and defenestrate you."

Continuous Review software – "You didn't review any of that code you lying scrote weasel. Time for five minutes with a live octopus down the pants!"

Database munging to actually make our bug database work in a browser – "I fucking hate you so so so much Kwality Center. I hope someone got primo lap dances and scotch to buy this piece of shit."