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The Phillys? Are they a baseball team or something? [Oct. 21st, 2008|09:27 am]
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So I flew back East to Philadelphia for a super short trip to visit my older Brother [1]. It was his birthday and we spent the time wandering around on bicycles, shopping, picking up presents for him, provisions for a party Friday and generally hanging around.


  • Sam's Morning Glory - I'm pretty sure I had an extended foodgasm from the Monkey French Toast. [2]
  • Manayunk - To pick up this print as one of his birthday presents.
  • Daffy's - Excellent overstock store, think Nordstrom rack. I picked up a nice new Merino wool sweater for $30.
  • Chinatown - To pick up a birthday cake.
  • Ikea - Things for Macaire's apartment. Since the new building owners repainted, tiled and carpeted his place is looking pretty swank.
  • Picture hanging (FAIL) - I think his walls are made of paper-mâché. Sorry about the hole in your wall. :-(
  • Party - Rock Band 2 with the really nice drums [3]. Lots of people, lots of socializing, lots of video game playing.
  • Happily Ever After - A super nice toy store. Very friendly owners and some incredibly neat things.
  • Touscher Chocolates - Veeeery nice Swiss chocolates.

All in all a very successful visit.

[1] I landed Thursday morning and left Saturday afternoon.
[2] Challah French Toast with mango and banana's and caramel sauce.
[3] And a 108" projection screen, and $300 dollars of downloaded songs.