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A bike for Sunny days - Dancing with houngans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A bike for Sunny days [May. 9th, 2008|11:46 am]
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[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |Portishead - Seven Months]

Well, my commuter bike frame getting broken inspired me to get my Sunny day bike fixed up last week. I've been stockpiling parts for it for a while, so it was relatively quick to build up.

I've already swapped out the seatpost and seat since I took these pictures.

Parts list:

  • Nishiki frame (the whole bike was $5 at a garage sale)
  • Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed carbon shifters ($75 used from a friend)
  • 9 speed 12-25 Shimano cassette
  • 105 rear hub/Alex Adventurer rim/ 14/15/14 DB spokes
  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire
  • Ultegra front hub / used Nici (Italian) rim
  • Continental Top Touring 2000
  • Sora rear derailleur (hubbub alternate routing)
  • Front D + cranks, whatever was on the bike
  • Centerpull brakes
  • Modolo t-poc bars (whatever I had lying around)
  • Threaded->Threadless stem adapter ($10)
  • Threadless stem (spare from parts drawer)
  • Nashbar bar tape ($4)
  • New seatpost ($15)
  • SPD pedals

Total cost: About $110

Pretty much everything on the bike was discards or things I had lying around. It actually rides nicely, the only thing that I'm really still fiddling with is the rear shifter. I've been futzing around with the mount, and now I have to adjust the shifting again.

The fender has been taken off, it was only on there temporarily.


I talked to the shop that has my old frame (Recycled Cycles in the University District). They've left some messages with Surly, but they haven't actually talked to them about it. So my bike is still languishing in their shop. And I've got this bag sitting on my desk at home full of all the parts I took off the frame.

I'm just glad it broke during the summer so I'm not missing my dedicated all weather/bad weather bike in the rainy season. Well, and that I didn't bother overhauling the headset and bottom bracket right before the frame broke. Procrastination saves the day again!